First of all we reply any fax/e-mail at the same day!!! Please find below how we communicate with our buyers upon receipt on inquires :

  •  We work out price with factories then we confirm the price to our buyer as quickly as possible.After price and delivery is set we request buyers to issue PO sheet with full order details.
  • After we receive and review the PO sheet we request buyer to open the Master L/C.
  • Upon receipt of Master L/C we transfer it to the factory (Maker).
  •  After transferring the Master L/C to the maker we push them to open the Back to Back L/C forfabrics and Accessories soonest possible.
  •  We always follow up closely with fabrics and accessories supplier to ship/deliver the fabrics andaccessories on time.
  •  Meantime we take all necessary approval on FAB/ACC/GMT sample from our buyer.
  •  When factory receive all the fabrics and accessories in hand we used to get FTY to make pre?production/size set sample for our/ buyer approval to start production.
  • When production starts our QA people go for Wine inspection (See sep point for inspection procedure).
  • When our QA fords everything okay in inline inspection then they give instruction to the factory people to go ahead for bulk production.
  •  After final inspection we ship the goods.
  •  We follow up cargo stuffing, vessel booking, ETD, ETA and update buyer accordingly.
  • After shipping the goods we push our maker to prepare the shipping DOCS without delay and submit to their bank so that buyer receive the documents on time and prepare clearing formalities at their end.
  •  Above all we used to have everyday fax/e?mail communication with our buyers.

 The above are the steps we used to follow for each and every order. We appreciate your suggestion if you have anything more.